Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Hunting for Easter Bunnies

Three of Sienna's cousins came to stay last weekend, and with Easter just around the corner we wasted no time hunting down some chocolate bunnies at Wisley. Emily celebrated her 12th birthday whilst they were with us - happy birthday Emily!

Here are some photos of our adventures...


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Walking in the garden with Grandad...

Finally some sunshine! It hit 12 degrees at the weekend and the Brits were out in shorts and t-shirts... blimey!!! We are still in coats but are still enjoying getting out in the garden...

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sienna & Duck [at Wisley]

At last Sienna has dropped down to one nap so morning outings are an option (actually a necessity!). Today despite the dreary weather we went to Wisley for a walk through the butterfly house (third visit so far!) and a look at the ducks.

It was a hit with a nearly-but-not-quite-walking Sienna!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Baking with Lynne

I'm rather behind on sharing photos here.. there is all of Christmas to catch up with! Whilst I buy some time to sort it all out.. here are some photos of Sienna and my good friend Lynne baking a cake together!

Friday, 19 December 2014

A little update!

I thought it was high time for a bit of an update.. since I last wrote we have had three new teeth, two lots of illness, one wedding, multiple frosts, and a lot of work in our home!

I miss Australia like mad, but the happiness we are getting from being close to family and old friends is immeasurable, and the more 'novelty' perks of being back in the UK are still going strong. The list of small things which make us happy to be 'home' are endless… a cold and festive run up to Christmas, Sky TV, calling friends and family in the same time zone, John Lewis 'Click and Collect' (my goodness, that's dangerous!) ... even Dave Lamb's voiceovers on Come Dine with Me!

Tom tries not to think about what we have left behind (remarkably positive for him really!), but I can't help missing my mummy friends, easy walks and the favourable climate. We are still awaiting our belongings which have now been absent for three months. I think once they arrive and are situated in our house my brain will finally realise that they aren't still sitting in our old Melbourne apartment!

There is plenty to do to keep me occupied however. Not a minute of nap time is wasted as aside from all the normal household chores, there have been Christmas presents to buy and wrap, unpacking and sorting to do, and the small matter of re-establishing my photography business here in the UK. I'm totally re-branding my business, making a new website and hope to launch in early 2015.

Sienna is now approaching 14 months old.. she has tested us with teething and temper tantrums, but most of the time is a happy and delightful little soul. She enjoys walking whilst holding our hands and can pull herself up to her knees, but not quite to her feet. She can stand whilst holding on to something, but hasn't yet gone for a 'cruise'!

She has four teeth, loves 'round and round the garden' and blowing bubbles.. is happiest in the bath, and could eat the world out of avocados if we'd let her!

Here are some photos from recent weeks…

Showing off her new skills in the cot

Visiting the reindeer at Garson's Farm in Esher

Giving 'kisses'!

Playing on mummy and daddy's bed (mattress on the floor still!) and (middle bottom) 'round and round the garden'

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Is it really October?

20 degrees at Branksome Beach... what day of the year is it? Hallowe'en! To have this temperature and a sunny day on 31st October is rather unusual, but we made the most of it with a trip to the beach with Granny Pam and Grandad.

There were people in t-shirts!! I'm still in shock!

Sienna enjoyed some laughs on a bench on the prom..

.. before some walking practice in the sand with Grandad...

.. and finally a little look at the sea!

I'm sad to report that the temperature dropped to 9 degrees today, just three days later! Oh well, time to buckle down for our first British winter since 2008... if my fingers do not freeze I shall continue to blog ;-)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sienna's first birthday party (lessons learnt and photos taken)...

Just like everything else on the parenting spectrum, children's birthday parties are a learning curve. With one down, it's time to compile a list of things I've learnt for next year..

1. Cake - start earlier.. OR be less ambitious OR outsource to willing grandparent

2. Decorations - balloons are adored by children, but if buying one three times the size of the birthday girl, give her time to get used to it before attempting a photo shoot!

3. Food - cater for the number of guests you have attending, not three times the amount!

4. Venue - definitely hold a children's party in a house that you are about to redecorate - no worrying about the carpets!

Despite being less than a month after we landed from Australia, in a home with next to no furniture, we had a lovely little celebration for Sienna's first birthday. The theme (due to lack of furniture) was 'teddy bears' picnic', and grandparents and a few close friends with young children gathered to eat food plucked directly from Sainsbury's and onto the plate!

Here are some photos of the occasion...

The day before, Sienna's first birthday 'photos' in the gardens in front of our home. I was lucky to get a dry day and lovely sunshine!

Sienna with her Granny and Bubba (Tom's parents), opening her first gift - a doggie walker! As she can't push it yet, we are using it as a ride-on!

All dressed up in her party clothes... I still want to eat her up!! Does this feeling ever go away?!

Granny Pam, Grandad, Sienna, Granny Sue and Bubba

Time for cake with Mummy and Daddy!